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Specializing in the production of high-speed pine cone winder, high-speed return to winding machine, high-speed doubling machine, short fiber twister, glass fiber twister and other products. 

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China's textile and clothing exports face a test
Textile and clothing are two traditional labor-intensive export products in China, accounting for a large proportion of China's export products. However, since this year, China's textile and clothing
Import yarn "strong inside weak" amount of bonded or gradually touched the top
According to places such as guangdong, zhejiang, and shandong's cotton traders, domestic cotton prices relatively weak since late October, cotton spot market downturn, the yarn of RMB quote CIF, CNF a
It is urgent to raise the threshold of cotton yarn import
According to the statistics of customs, China's import volume of cotton yarn increased significantly in 2015, with a total import of cotton yarn amounting to 1.825 million tons from January to Septemb
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