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XJBN Roller type glass fiber twister
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XJBN Roller type glass fiber twister

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Sample application
Product description
XJBN series glass fiber twisting machine
USES and features
This series of twisting machine is suitable for dissolving or combined twisting of glass fiber or basalt fiber raw silk pulled out. It can also be used for deforming and twisting of chemical fiber and cotton textile. It is divided into D and A series.
· large twist range, simple adjustment, convenient and reliable.
· lever spring double tension mechanism, stable and reliable tension.
· electromagnetic induction counter is adopted, with high counting accuracy and good yarn length consistency.
· frequency control of spindle, servo motor drive of lifting system, realize synchronous parking.
· type A adopts servo motor to drive the flexible yarn feeding system, which has stable transmission, low noise and convenient twist change.
· cast iron frame with strong rigidity and good stability.
Main technical parameters
Parameter model XJBNl60 XJBNl60A XJBN210 XJBN210A
Number of ingot 160     164  (increase or decrease by 16 ingots) 120    124  (Every 12 ingots)
Spindle pitch(mm) 160 210
Spindle speed(r/min) 2000一5000 2000—5000
Program diameter(mm) φ 115/φ 120 φ1 65
Bottom roller diameter (mm) φ80 φ80
Maximum lifting range (mm)
300 300
Optimum spinning density (Tex)
22.5—396 max792 22.5—396 maxl056
Maximum yarn feeding speed (m/min)
100 100
Twist range (N/m)
23一230      23一500 23一230      23一500
Twist Z or S Z or S
Roll Bottle, double cone, cylinder Bottle, double cone, cylinder
Maximum rewinding (k g)
2 4
External dimension (mm)






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