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GA07B Online tensioning winder
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GA07B Online tensioning winder

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Sample application
Product description
GA07 series high - speed loose - type winder
USES and features
This series of winder is suitable for loose winder in the dyeing process of cotton, linen, wool, chemical fiber and blending. The machine has simple structure, easy to install, easy to operate, the design and manufacture of mechanical and electrical integration, using the computer program control, single spindle independent motor drive, electronic meter, auto stop when spindle full frequency control of motor speed, spindle control, auto stop when yarn broken, multiple functions such as data memory.
Winding mode: drum type, random winding.
Ending tension control mode: anti-vibration weight control device.
Ending clamping method: double grip arm axial open and closed rocker.
Pneumatic spring automatic compensation type.
Stiff-edge control: horizontal type (configurable frequency converter).
Electronic frequency conversion anti-stacking device.


Main technical parameters

1 Form: double sided single layer
2 Ingot number: 96 ingot / 8 (basic model), 12 ingot/section
3 Spindle distance: 342 mm
4 Single yarn suitability: 6-60 Ne
5 Winding speed: the speed of frequency converter can reach up to 1100m/min
6 Yarn density: 0.3-0.45 g/cm3
7 Transverse displacement: 1.8-5mm
8 Winding shape: flat cone cone
9 Rolled-up dimensions: the largest one: ivy 180 x 152
10 Dimensions of the tank: moments 81 * 147 2.5 times constant speed
11 Motor power: 90w/ spindle
12 Whole machine size: length 17138 * width 972 * height 1665 


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