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FA721-75 Short fiber twister
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FA721-75 Short fiber twister

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Sample application
Product description
FA721 series twister
USES and features
This machine is suitable for cotton, hemp, silk, wool, chemical fiber, glass fiber, such as raw materials of pure spinning or twisting process, a partnership with a variety of different combination, stretch yarn and spandex filament yarn, filament twisting into the unique style of the opposite sex plied yarn and the function of the elastic line, the production of woven, knitted, plied yarn, civil, industrial sewing thread, fiberglass strand of necessary equipment.
The main drive is made of flat belt drive with high efficiency and energy saving.
The automatic stop device for broken yarn is arranged to reduce the return rate.
The electrometer length meter is configured to operate and manage conveniently.
The upper and upper surfaces of the car are sprayed with plastic, beautiful and durable.
The connecting sleeve connection of the motor pulley and the spindle makes it very convenient to replace.
The high wear-resisting ductile iron is used to make the CAM with long service life.
The drive of high precision worm gear box is stable, the CAM commutation has no impact, the clearance is adjustable, the failure rate is low and the service life is long.
The two - way hoisting and lifting structure is adopted.
Tapered double speed motor drive, automatic switching high speed after starting spinning low speed starter, is especially important for reducing the breaking rate of starting spreader in spinning medium and high speed spinning.
The three automatic step up device is adopted for steady, reliable and low failure rate.
Main technical parameters
Parameter model




Spindle pitch 75mm 100mm
spindle D1203B/E D3314Z
Steel making PGl—5160、EGH5—55 PG1—7585、EGH5—75
Top roller The surface is plated with hard chromium or butadiene rubber rings
Ingot belt tension form Single tension or double tension
Spindle speed range 7450-13780rpm 5500-9000rpm
Lifting stroke 205mm 205mm
Twist the scope 1201810T/M 238—1652T/M
Optimum twist range 97×24.86×2Tex(6Ne×2—120Ne×2)
Main motor 5/10kw 1460rpm


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